Anonymous asked: How do you use Mystic Artes? Since Zelos's and Reala's event are coming i've been wondering.. And i was able to get 5☆ Zelos, i'd like to use his.

I’m not 100% sure on this, since I’ve never been able to beat the event

But I think once you finish all the levels you’ll unlock the actual arena and when you beat that you’ll get an item to equip to that character that lets you use it when you link all the characters together during battle and the last one is said character.

EDIT: shiyuro ha risposto al tuo post “How do you use Mystic Artes? Since Zelos’s and Reala’s event are coming i’ve been wondering.. And i was able to get 5☆ Zelos, i’d like to use his.”

You have to be in top 1000 places


EDIT2: This time around if you get 250000 mana you get it.


I never thought I’d get that many. Thank you!

This isn’t all that much, but here’s a DL for all the images of when a character gets hit in battle, such as;

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Anonymous asked: Yeah, but I do not know where I can find the japanese play store on my phone ç__ç

Sorry, I don’t know how it works on Android. I have an IPhone.

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Anonymous asked: Hello! The game need an update but I don't know where i can download it ;u; do you know something? Maybe also someone who's reading, I need help ç__ç

The Itunes store or the Google Play store.

magimaru asked: Hi there! I was wondering if there is a way to figure where my own ID code is hiding...I'd like to give it out to my friends and followers for those that are interested in adding me. Also, I'm so glad that tjis blog exists! Keep it up! ^o^

Go to the friend tab(last option at the bottom of the screen and select the second option.

sinon-ai asked: Did you know there are leader skill? It will help you greatly in battle i think you should try to make the best out of your 5☆ cheria. Check in my tumblr page i explain a little bit about them. Im sorry its not really a question huh?

Yes I know

Anonymous asked: Hello there, sorry to bother you but apparently the game needed to be updated and I thought I did. After downloading the game once more, it wasn't up to date to the current version. Am I doing something wrong?

How did you update it?